solarone PM1

Single-phase power meter with integrated solarone logger lets you know the direction of energy flow in your house.

Perfect solution for residential PV plant owners. One device serves as logger and smart meter.

Has all the advantages of solarone 30 logger plus a built in smart meter. It is a cost effective solution to monitor PV plants up to 30 kW and to have a clear picture of energy generation and consumption in your house.

Installers like it for ease of connection to the internet. The WiFi bundle lets you bypass WiFi network setup and manage all settings remotely.

NOTE: solarone PM1 can be used to show inverter generation data when there is no possibility to connect the inverter to the logger.

Data sheet

Product type
Logic controller and power meter
Supply voltage
85...305 V AC
50, 60 Hz
Type of Network
3P + N, 1P + N
Type of measurement
Active and reactive power, Apparent power, Current, Voltage, Energy, Power factor, Frequency, Total current harmonic distortion THD (I), Total voltage harmonic distortion THD (U)
100 A / 50 mA, 200 A / 50 mA, 400 A / 50 mA
Integrated connection type
RS-485 interface (screw terminal)
Baud rate
19.2 kbit/s
Communication protocols
Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Aurora and other protocols
Internet connection type
Communication service
Encrypted direct connection to cloud infrastructure
Height, Length, Width
71 x 90.2 x 57.5 mm
Operating temperature
-10…55 ºC
IP rating

Tech specs

solarone PM1
solarone PM3
Main parameters
E, P, U, I
E, P, U, I
Additional parameters *1
Cos φ or power factor, MPPT (I, U), T
Cos φ or power factor, MPPT (I, U), T
Power meter included
Number of measured phases
Electrical parameter reading
E, P, U, I, Cos φ
E, P, U, I, Cos φ
Readings from additional power meters
Connection to other devices (sensors etc.)
Data buffer
SD card up to 8 GB
SD card up to 8 GB
Maximal PV plant power
30 kWp
100 kWp
Number of connected inverters
RS-485, WiFi
RS-485, WiFi
*1 Number of additional parameters depends on inverter model.

Pinout and dimensions