Privacy policy, data protection and use

To ensure proper functioning of the website we inform our visitors that this website uses cookies. The use of cookies helps us to ensure smooth functioning of the website and to use the marketing data obtained for improvement of technical operation of the website and the marketing processes. By collecting the data about the visitors Inion LT always complies with this privacy polity. Our aim is to ensure legitimate use of the data; therefore, below you will find information about our privacy policy.

Who is considered to be your data manager?
Your data manager is Inion Lt, LTD, the representative of the trademark Inion. If you have any queries or uncertainties, please contact us on the following website:

What data are collected by Inion Lt and how are they used:

Website traffic statistics

Inion LT is constantly improving its website and aims to ensure smooth and convenient use of it. Therefore, Inion Lt collects marketing information about the duration of the visits of the website, browsers and devices used, demographical zones and so on. For collection of these data  Inion Lt uses Google Analytics tool that allows Inion Lt to capture and analyse the data collected. More information about the operation of this Google Analytics tool and the information that this tool collects and analyses may be found on

We would like to emphasize that we, as the representatives of responsible business, collect the data only to improve the quality of services we provide. However, you are entitled not to allow this tool to collect anonymous information about you. More information about how to refuse the use of this tool on your website may be found on

Server records
The server hosting Inion Lt website may also record queries that you had provided to the server (the address of the website you open, the device and browser you use, your IP address and you connection time). These data are used for technical reasons, i. e. to ensure proper and safe functioning of the website and to analyse possible safety violations. The basis for collection and use of these data is the legitimate interest of Inion Lt to ensure technical accessibility and safety of the website.

What are cookies?
Cookie is a small textual element saved by the website on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. It allows the website to remember your actions and settings for a certain period of time (such as the username, language, letter size and other view settings) so that you would not have to insert them every time when you repeatedly visit the website or surf its separate webpages.

How Inion Lt uses cookies?
Inion Lt uses cookies to collect your IP address and browsing information, such as the visiting time of the website or each webpage. It allows the website to remember your system and settings.
Other cookie allows Inion Lt to monitor website flows and the actions of the users on the website. Inion Lt uses these data for the analysis of the visitor’s behaviour and to improve the visiting experience of the website. These cookies are installed and used with Google Analytics tool.
Cookies are installed in your device only if you give consent to, except for the cookies that are necessary to ensure technical functioning of the website only. We do emphasize that if you do not entitle the website to use cookies, some of the functions of the website may partially or fully stop functioning.
Legal basis to use cookies is legitimate interest of Inion Lt to ensure technical functioning of the website. In such cases when cookies are used to remember your options and collect statistics, legal basis for the use of cookies is your consent.

Use and deletion of cookies
You can manage and/or delete cookies anytime. For more information please visit You may delete all cookies already existing in your device; moreover, in most browsers you may set not to allow installation of cookies. However, if you do this, you may have to insert your settings manually every time when you visit the website. Moreover, certain services and functions may not operate.
You may turn off cookies by using the website settings or find detailed instructions on how to do this here:

Personal or business data provided with the consent of the users.
If on Inion Lt  website you provide your business contact data for Inion Lt (for example, by filling out the contact form on ), Inion Lt may use these data to contact the user.

Inion Lt may use statistical data of the users of the website to analyse traffic and demographical trends, however, Inion Lt website does not create individual personal profiles to the users.
Purchasing process is carried out by filling out the purchase questionnaire once and the data are used only to ensure smooth purchase process, i. e. to manage the orders and queries. The personal data used: name, surname, address, contact data, post code.

Who has access to your data?
All employees who manage the orders and queries have access to your statistical data about the visitors of Inion Lt. Moreover, such data are possessed by Inion Lt partners who provide marketing and hosting services.
Google Analytics device is provided by the company Google Inc. (USA company); therefore, it also has access to statistical data collected by this tool. Google Inc. undertakes to apply EU-USA privacy panel principles ensuring that the provider of services comply with EU privacy standard requirements. This supplier is also subject to contractual obligations to ensure privacy. For more information please visit
Cookies are usually valid for a short period (one day, one week or one month) but in certain cases it may valid up to one year.

Your rights
By contacting Inion Lt by e-mail , you may take advantages of your following rights:

  • get access to your personal data processed
  • request to correct your personal data
  • request to delete your personal data
  • if applied, revoke your consent to process your personal data.

In certain cases you have the right to request to limit processing of your personal data or not to give consent to processing of your personal data.
You may take advantage of your rights according to valid EU and national legislation.
Under any circumstances your personal data will be provided to the third parties, except for the cases when it is requested by laws, for example, under the court decision.