Inion Software enters the Spanish solar PV market with a greater impact

Inion Software, a Lithuanian company that offers advanced solar power plant monitoring solutions, continues its successful cooperation with the non-profit organization Ecooo, based in Spain. This partnership with this successful renewable energy organization, which began in 2021, has seen a significant breakthrough.

Inion Software aims to provide businesses and organizations with tools and solutions that will enable them to benefit from more efficient use of solar power plants and, in so doing, generate more green electricity. According to Dr. Šarūnas Stanaitis, one of the co-founders, this collaboration is a particularly beneficial one for both sides, for it helps to share innovations while at the same time promoting technologies that allow for improved solar energy monitoring.

“We were aware of Ecooo’s activities even before we started our cooperation, and right now we indeed stand pleased at how our solutions are actively contributing to developing a situation of more sustainable energy extraction in Spain. We accept that Ecooo makes a significant contribution to the field of the production and development of clean energy in Western Europe, and we offer them the latest technological solutions to help them achieve their ambitious goals. The team of Inion Software is delighted by the high level of success that this cooperation has manifested,” said Mr. Stanaitis.

Ecooo purchased 89 units of Solarone data loggers offered by Inion Software in 2022, and 82 in 2023. Also, in 2022, 79 plants were connected to Inion’s Inview software, while in 2023 another 85 plants were connected. 

“We were attracted by the range of products offered by Inion Software, and by the simple interface that allows us to monitor all our solar power plants at a single location. It is crucial that some of us can quickly find and monitor the performance of existing power plants and analyze them. Simple and efficient monitoring can substantially improve the productivity of power plants, and we are grateful to Inion Software’s partners in this regard,” said Conrado González, an Operations and Maintenance Technician at Ecooo Energía Ciudadana S. Coop.

All partners involved unanimously agree that one of the main reasons for the success of this cooperation is Spain’s increasingly progressive approach to renewable energy. Indeed, it is believed that, by 2030, Spain’s total renewable energy capacity will have reached more than 120 GW.

Ecooo is a non-profit organization that has helped more than 4,000 people become clean energy producers over the 18 years in which it has operated. It helps private homes and large institutions save energy and provides training on how to do it the right way; something which creates a positive attitude towards clean energy and encourages action aimed at developing it.

Inion Software develops monitoring and analysis tools for use in solar power plants, where demand is growing in line with the need for solar power plants. The company has also brought into the market a number of smart battery management systems that use artificial intelligence algorithms to predict and select the most efficient scenario for charging and selling electricity to customers. Lastly, Inion provides PPC (Power Plant Controllers) carrying with the programming works, to ensure a faster and smoother integration of the power plants into the grid, according to grid operator and country requirements.