Ecooo and Inion Software join forces to monitor and improve the efficiency of more than 200 power plants in Spain

Inion Software, a provider of innovative solar power plant monitoring solutions, has partnered with Ecooo, a non-profit organization that helps people become successful producers of clean energy. One of the main objectives of this collaboration is to promote the production and use of even more efficient, sustainable clean energy throughout Spain and to make a significant contribution to the country’s fast-growing renewable energy development.

“I am extremely pleased that we can share our vision with Ecooo and together develop innovative models for sustainable clean energy solutions in Spain. We have been closely following Ecooo’s contributions and success in developing clean energy in this country for some time now. I have no doubt that from now on, the joint efforts will make the whole process even faster and smoother,” says Šarūnas Stanaitis, co-founder and head of Inion Software.

Ecooo has already purchased 89 loggers developed by Inion Software.

“We saw at Inion the tools, products and an easy interface to resume all our HSU (Huertas Solares Urbanas / Solar-Powered plants) in one unique place, for our partners to have a fast and clean view of their plants production and of course for us to analyze and track the performance of these solar energy farms. Also comment the ‘good mood’ in integration matter, in both old and new inverters allowing us to monitor PV installations with more than 15 years in some cases and more that 10 in all of them, ” says Conrad González, Operations and Maintenance technician at Ecooo Energía Ciudadana S. Coop.

Ecooo, together with the help of Inion Software, plans to monitor as many as 207 power plants this year. The solutions offered by Inion Software should therefore be available practically throughout Spain, in the South, North, West, and East regions.

According to both companies, one of the main reasons for their mutual motivation and high ambitions is Spain’s increasingly progressive attitude towards renewable energy. For example, according to the research platform Statista, the total renewable capacity in Spain is expected to reach more than 120 GW by 2030.

Ecooo is a non-profit organization that has helped more than 4,500 people become clean energy producers over 16 years of experience. It helps save energy in a wide range of areas (homes, schools, sports organizations, etc.). It also organizes various training, seminars, and discussions to create positive attitudes towards clean energy and to encourage people to take action for its development.

Inion Software is a company developing a solar power plant monitoring platform that connects different solar power plants in one place. Such a platform is an integral tool for O&M companies, which greatly facilitates the servicing of power plants and saves on maintenance costs.